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Individual Therapy

Clientele: Adults 

Do you want to become more confident?

I can help you find your way. I will work with you to better understand yourself, encourage you to accept how your mind works and offer you insight into your needs and resources. The goal of the Creative Non-Directive Approach is to give you control over your life.  

Improving your self-esteem

Managing stress

Asserting yourself

Accepting and letting go

Experiencing better relationships

Coping with grief

Embracing your differences

My Services

Are you experiencing relationship difficulties (couple, family, work, friends...)?

Do you lack the motivation to make a change?

Are you stuck in a situation that seems to have no way out?

Finding peace without constant internal conflict

Thérapie individuelle


Anne-Marie La Barre

After earning a master's degree and enjoying a 20-year career in communications, I decided to pursue a new professional challenge. I wanted to help people achieve well-being through genuine and mindful interpersonal communication.


I cherish my meetings with clients. Each day, I’m grateful to practice as a therapist. 

Anne-Marie La Barre - Thérapeute en relation d'aide
Anne-Marie La Barre - Thérapeute en relation d'aide
À propos

you can expect:

When you receive non-directive therapy from me, 

Active listening

without judgement

A warm





at your own pace

An impeccable

work ethic



A gentle approach

... and even a few laughs!


My Approach

The therapeutic approach I use was created by Colette Portelance, a teacher, author

and speaker specializing in counselling and personal development. She also founded the

Centre de relation d'aide de Montréal, where I obtained a professional training diploma in

CNDA-based counselling. 

The Creative Non-Directive Approach (CNDA) promotes the development of
self-love, self-respect and confidence. It facilitates the journey toward personal independence and freedom. 

To achieve change, you have to sincerely express and accept who you are.

The therapeutic process helps clients learn how to establish and experience rewarding relationships.

I help my clients to gain control over their life in the here and now.  

The better we know ourselves, the more we love ourselves.

Jules Michelet


“Anne-Marie supports me in reflecting on my life while setting my own pace. During our sessions, she highlights my improvements and successes, which I don’t always see! She put me at ease right from the first minute.”

Mélissa, age 42 



I would like to offer you a 20-minute exploratory call. 
Please leave your contact information. 

Anne-Marie La Barre - Thérapeute en relation d'aide

Non-Directive Therapist

La Maison d'Anaëlle

2289 Avenue Bourgogne

Chambly, QC  J3L 1Z9

(view on Google Maps)

Sessions are held at my office or by videoconference.

Follow me to learn more about my services, tools and inspirations.

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